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Dancing in My Tattered Pink Dress
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Now Available for Purchase! Dancing in My Tattered Pink Dress is a celebration of life that offers hope to anyone who has struggled in their life’s journey. Ruth-Ann Thompson opens her life and shares her experiences with skill and grace, and gives practical examples of self-advocacy, resilience, and fortitude.
About Ruth-Ann Thompson

A renaissance woman, Ruth-Ann J. Thompson is a motivational speaker, author, lyricist,  soloist, comedian and character actress.  A court reporter by trade, Thompson draws from her personal experiences and, skillfully weaving honesty and humor, she arms groups across the country with practical tools to effectively navigate life’s toughest challenges.


Her children’s series, The Open Fielders, touches the hearts of children and encourages the hearts of parents.  She has released two albums , In the Garden and A Thin Place. 


Ruth-Ann has three living adult children, Jai, Austin and Alexandra and three grandchildren, Elijah, Jaidon and Shandon.  She lost her son, Brandon in 2013.

Motivational Speaker

Know that you can choose to thrive in whatever situation you find yourself.  I encourage you to laugh instead of cry, to smile instead of frown, and to dance even if you are wearing a tattered dress. Live the life you were destined to live.  Choose to live happily and joyfully.  Choose to thrive in the open field of life that God has gifted to you.  Choose to dance.

Singer &


Music to soothe the soul and quiet the spirit.

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Dancing in my Tattered Pink Dress is a true, transparent, authentic book of raw emotions. You will experience hardship, laughter, and grief as Ruth-Ann walks you through her life of strength, weakness, and victory.  


Stephanie Hunt
Educator, Innovator and Entrepreneur 

“But He knows the way that I take; when He has tested me, I will come forth as gold.”

JOB 23:10