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Connections in the Open Field

Ruth-Ann is on to something with Connections in the Open Field.  As a parent, I appreciate the fact that it’s clean, upbeat, entertaining and inspiring.  As a writer, I am extremely impressed with Ruth-Ann’s ability to tackle difficult subjects such as valuing differences and dealing with change in a way that captures the attention of children and keeps adults engaged as well. When I finished reading Book One, my first thought was, I want more.  I promise, you will too.  So, whip up a Sunrise Surprise with your little one and enjoy Connections in the Open Field.

Loretta P. Spivey, author
Straight Talk – How Teens Make Wise Decisions about Love and Sex
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Ruth-Ann Thompson has done an excellent job with Connection in the Open Field in addressing the diverse needs of children.  She has done it in such a way that the children will learn to value differences while enjoying the text.  A must for the elementary classroom’s personal library.

Willette Johnson, Elementary Teacher
Charlotte, North Carolina

As the father of two young children, I loved the story of Cecil because of the lessons my kids can learn from reading the book and because my kids loved reading the story about Cecil!  Each parent should take the time to read to their children about Cecil and share with them the lessons about not being afraid to try new adventures and enjoying the differences in each of our friends.  What a great book!

Larry W. Miller, Esquire
Author of Success in Your Career & Personal Life; A How-to Guide
Reading, Pennsylvania


Harmony in the Open Field

Harmony in the Open Field is a great children’s book that briefly highlights the issues involved in dealing with food allergies on a daily basis. It even includes a special recipe that almost any child with food allergies can try (and perhaps even prepare with the help of a parent or guardian). I wish there had been books like this back when I was a kid dealing with severe food allergies.

 Janelle Gary, Writer

This book is a fun read but teaches a valuable lesson.  It teaches how two different characters who should be enemies learn to get along in harmony. It also points out signs of an allergic reaction and why you should avoid nuts if you are allergic. Ruth-Ann paints a picture with her words that is sure to reach the hearts of children.

Michele Oyortey, MD

A short story with a message of love, friendship, and "can we just all get along." This is an excellent follow up to Ms. Thompson's first book, Connections in the Open Field.

Crystal Giles, Literacy Coach
Columbus City Schools


Contentment in the Open Field

Ruth-Ann Thompson has done it again – created an entertainingly educational storyline in the Open Field series! As we follow little Cecil in his life’s journey, we are encouraged to give thoughtful pause and consideration to the feelings of young people. This story allows us to feel his raw emotions and may even have you remembering moments in your own life when jealousy, sadness, and the need to just get away from it all takes precedence.  The power of love is rooted in Contentment in the Open Field! We see love manifest itself so beautifully within the LaCede family over and over without fail.  Let this little seedling’s story pull you in.  I am sure it will plant in you – young or old – the importance of communication with the intent to understand and the valuable lesson of being grateful right where you are!

Jasmine Best Accountant and Attentive Auntie

Contentment in the Open Field is a delightful story that unfolds a character-building experience that young scholars can learn and grow from.  Ruth-Ann Thompson creatively shares a life challenge, through the life of Cecil, that children often face at one time or another.  As the story unfolds, it encourages children to value how they respect themselves and others.   It also reminds us, as adults, that the lessons we learned when younger, remain in our hearts, so that we can compassionately help our children handle life’s disappointments in a healthy manner.  It is critical that our children foster a love for reading, so that their minds can be expanded to receive academic skills that will help propel them to greater heights of knowledge.  Contentment in the Open Field engages readers’ interest in a creative way, has a rich vocabulary, and is a springboard for many learning opportunities.   I highly recommend this book, and others in the Open Field series, to be a part of your child’s and school’s library.

Renee L. Humphreys, Ed.D.
Associate Superintendent of Education 
Chesapeake Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Oogies Googies

Oogie Googies in the Open Field

“LIFE IS FULL OF OOGIE GOOGIES” is a fun and not-so-scary way for children to learn about germs and how to fight them! This light and carefree book doesn’t just entertain; it also educates and starts a conversation about staying safe in a world full of “frownsey downseys”! I couldn’t stop smiling as I imagined reading this book to my own grandchildren.

Ruth-Ann even tops it off with thought provoking questions and a yummy recipe!

Terri Dallas-Prunskis, MD
Barrington, IL

Sometimes watching your little explorer plow through dirt and grime can make your job of keeping them safe feel like less than sublime. Yet your little life-researcher will continue to learn about the world forging through all of the “Oogie Googies” to find a place where their curiosity and interests collide in joy!


This delightful tale in prose takes you on a fun journey of the twists and turns uncovering the imaginary things that hide in corners, lurk beneath the kitchen sink or live in the backyard. This wonderfully creative book will spark limitless opportunities for conversations that will teach your tiny tot about how to balance days of “frownsey-downsey” with days of “GLAD-ulation”! So join the author as she takes you through moments of giggles, squiggles and belly-bouncing wriggles as your little explorer laughs and learns! 

Migdalia Brathwaite, Ph.D., Creative Life Strategist
CEO of Green Brain Innovations

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