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About Ruth-Ann Thompson

A renaissance woman, Ruth-Ann J. Thompson is a motivational speaker, author, lyricist,  soloist, comedian and character actress.  A court reporter by trade, Thompson draws from her personal experiences and, skillfully weaving honesty and humor, she conducts “Sunshine in the Shadows” Grief Seminars and arms groups across the country with practical tools to effectively navigate life’s toughest challenges.


Ruth-Ann developed a delightful comedic character, Gethel Z. Jones, the sassy senior citizen who thrills young and older alike with her down-to-earth antics and who is always looking for a bus ride to Hawaii.  Thompson writes articles relating to children, teens and the joys and journeys of living with those on the autism spectrum.


Her children’s series, The Open Fielders, touches the hearts of children and encourages the hearts of parents.  Connections in the Open Field is about diversity; Harmony in the Open Field deals with facing fears.  The next book, Planted Too Soon in the Open Field, will be published in late 2020.


To date she has written over 70 songs, including praise and worship songs used nationally.  In 2012 her freshman project, In the Garden, was released and a portion of those proceeds goes to Two Scoops N-PAC (National Performance Art Company), a non-profit organization that creatively raises awareness of adoption, foster care, fatherhood and mental health.  A Thin Place was released four years later at a time when she thought she had no song. 


In the fall of 2018, she became widowed for a second time.  Ruth-Ann has three living adult children, Jai, Austin and Alexandra and three grandchildren, Elijah, Jaidon and Shandon.  She lost her son, Brandon in 2013, but holds to the promise “… when He has tested me, I will come forth as gold.”  (Job 23:10)


She secretly desires to be a race car driver.

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