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The Open Fielders

Children's Book Series

Ruth-Ann's children’s series, The Open Fielders, touches the hearts of children and encourages the hearts of parents. Connections in the Open Field is about diversity; Harmony in the Open Field deals with facing fears.  Contentment in the Open Field teaches children to appreciate what they have.  Oogie Googies in the Open Field helps children deal with the realities and aftermath of the worldwide pandemic. The next book, Puzzles in the Open Field, will be published later this year and raises autism awareness.

Connections in the Open Field

Just like every child, Cecil LaCede has fears about his first day of school, but he’ll soon find comfort in meeting a variety of new friends: acorns, nuts, fruits, vegetables and even beans, all first-time students too.  Ruth-Ann J. Thompson shows children how easy it is to make CONNECTIONS IN THE OPEN FIELD.

Harmony in the Open Field

What happens when you come face to face with one of the biggest fears of your life?  Imagine how Kreigh Alcorn, an acorn, feels when he happens upon a grey and brown squirrel!  If you’ve ever been afraid, you will love Harmony in the Open Field.

Contentment in the Open Field

Contentment in the Open Field is a delightful story that unfolds a character-building experience. As Cecil faces a life challenge, his story encourages children to value how they respect themselves and others.


Ruth-Ann is on to something with Connections in the Open Field. As a parent, I appreciate the fact that it’s clean, upbeat, entertaining and inspiring.  As a writer, I am extremely impressed with Ruth-Ann’s ability to tackle difficult subjects such as valuing differences and dealing with change in a way that captures the attention of children, and keeps adults engaged as well.  When I finished reading Book One, my first thought was, I want more.  I promise you will too.  So, whip up a Sunrise Surprise with your little one and enjoy Connections in the Open Field.


~ Loretta P. Spivey, Author, 
Straight Talk – How Teens Make Wise Decisions about Love and Sex, 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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