Each Complete Set "Oogie Googies," will include an Open Fielders pouch that has an individually sealed face mask and two individually sealed sanitizing wipes.  You will also receive a book mark that is on seed paper and they can plant wildflowers.  


  • 1 Copy of Oogie Googies in the Open Field
  • Seed Paper Bookmark (has my website on it)
  • The Open Fielders Pouch (Will always have mask and wipes in it)
  • Face Mask
  • Wipes (2 individually wrapped)
  • Open Fielders Tote


OOGIE GOOGIES IN THE OPEN FIELD is a fun and not-so-scary way for children to learn about germs and how to fight them! This light and carefree book doesn’t just entertain; it also educates and starts a conversation about staying safe in a world full of “frownsey downseys”! I couldn’t stop smiling as I imagined reading this book to my own grandchildren.  Ruth-Ann even tops it off with thought-provoking questions and a yummy recipe!


- Terri Dallas-Prunskis, MD

Barrington, IL

Complete Set: Oogie Googies in the Open Field

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