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People tend to mock what they do not understand. Our world is going through major changes right now and people are beginning to see that life can no longer be viewed through a selfish lens. Whether you understand someone or not, I encourage you to strive to have tolerance for another’s point of view.

My vitiligo is the fancy name that is causing me to slowly lose the pigmentation in my skin. Spotted flesh covers my body, my legs have large patches of non-color and my face has patches of varying shades. This doesn’t change who I am on the inside, but it does affect the way the world sees me. Recently a woman recoiled in horror, demanding to know, “What IS that???” The humorous side of me responded, “What? This? Oh, it’s just my new tattoos!” But her comments were insensitive and hurtful.

It takes courage to understand one another. What would happen if you looked beyond what you see on the surface and used your other senses? Besides the spoken words you might hear the tone in which those words were delivered. When you inhale deeply, you just may detect other fragrances in the air. How rich would your meals become if you dared to taste a new cuisine, try a new recipe, or use different spices?

I recently heard a quote, “Everything will be fine in the end. If it’s not fine, it’s not the end.” Things may not be “fine” right now, but please continue to move forward because it’s not the end yet.

Find light, love and laughter.

Seek joy and happiness.

Choose positivity.

And most of all, guard your heart and health.

Stay safe and be well. #KeepDancing

Socially Distancing Hugs,


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