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Beyond a Shadow of The Doubt

I've often been heard saying, "If you can see it, it ain't faith." I had resolutely stated "God will do the impossible" to someone else facing a challenge, but when confronted with a mountain that I could not see around, nor find a tunnel through, nor have the equipment to climb, I admit that I panicked. There were so many obstacles in my way, some visible and some internal. Even the eight-hour drive from Ohio to Alabama seemed daunting and unachievable. How could I move beyond even a shadow of "The Doubt," the unseen polar opposite of faith? My children and close friends encouraged me to step out on faith's waters, but ultimately I had to choose. If I stayed home, I certainly would not graduate; however, going forward the path seemed most unsure. This faith felt like foolishness.

Yet I went. Scared. Slightly uncomfortable. Hesitant. Resolute to leave the outcome to the God in whom I trust. I completed my Bachelor of Science degree and found the celebration to be indescribably awesome. He made a way out of no possible way. He fixed an unsolvable problem. He made me a new believer all over again. Just like I danced in my tattered pink dress all those years ago, I marched in my converse pink shoes on the night of my commencement. Pink isn't my favorite color, but faith is my favorite stance. Faith carried me beyond a shadow of "The Doubt."

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