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How do you respond to hurtful or stressful situations? Some people scream, some argue. Others throw things.

Me? Silence. Whether it’s pain, anger, fear, stress, hurt, uncertainty. It doesn’t matter. I get quiet. Even in the worst moments of my labor pains, I barely uttered a moan.

I hear that’s not always good for me.

I’m told it’s better to let it all out than to hold it all in.

Some say that bringing the pain inward hurts from the inside out.

I admit that silence is not always golden, but it’s just my way. It’s what I do. It’s how I deal with my corner of my world.

Yet I know that I cannot always keep silent. When I see injustice or when I find someone who is incapable of speaking up for themselves, I must use my voice.

It is my spiritual responsibility.

It is my civic duty.

It is my personal directive.

I encourage you to use your voice to make this world a better place.

Stay safe and be well. #KeepDancing

Peace and Social Distancing Hugs,


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