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#KeepDancing: My Sink Fell In

It seems that every time I attempt something new or different, there is always a glitch. Every. Single. Time! Even while typing this blog, it has taken me well over an hour to do what could have been done in about ten minutes. For some reason, my laptop is not working properly. I‘m typing my skillful 75 words per minute, only to look up at a blank screen. I am computer savvy and yet the system is not cooperating.

My family is listening to me yelling, “Oh come ON!!!! “ while beating the keys with all the strength God gave me and sighing loudly. (Pounding on the keyboard doesn’t help, by the way.) I have no idea what the problem is tonight. I’m frustrated. I’m weary. I have about 4 Zooms I’m supposed to be on. And I’m HUNGRY! (Day 1 of my 21 Day Daniel Fast.)

And last night, while (lost connection AGAIN!!!) preparing for this fast that I am determined to complete successfully (another glitch ARRGHHH!) my sink fell in. That’s what I said. My sink. Fell. IN!!!

But I realized how blessed I am. Family to listen to my woes. Running water for the sink that has fallen in. A laptop. Electricity that allows an internet connection, sketchy though it may be tonight for some odd reason. And a belly so full that I’ve decided it needs a break. #Blessed #KeepDancing

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