The Event

Use code "EVENT" at check out to get your copy of my books hand-delivered & autographed.

Thank you for supporting me and showing up during these hard and uncomfortable conversations.  They are beyond needed. As a thank you for both, supporting me and showing up, I will hand-deliver these two books to you at the event. They will be autographed & will contain a special note. Use code "EVENT" to skip the shipping fees at checkout.

Connections in the Open Field

Just like every child, Cecil LaCede has fears about his first day of school, but he’ll soon find comfort in meeting a variety of new friends: acorns, nuts, fruits, vegetables and even beans, all first-time students too.  Ruth-Ann J. Thompson shows children how easy it is to make CONNECTIONS IN THE OPEN FIELD.

Dancing in My Tattered Pink Dress

Dancing in My Tattered Pink Dress is a celebration of life that offers hope to anyone who has struggled in their life’s journey. Ruth-Ann Thompson opens her life and shares her experiences with skill and grace, and gives practical examples of self-advocacy, resilience, and fortitude.


Ruth-Ann is on to something with Connections in the Open Field. As a parent, I appreciate the fact that it’s clean, upbeat, entertaining and inspiring.  As a writer, I am extremely impressed with Ruth-Ann’s ability to tackle difficult subjects such as valuing differences and dealing with change in a way that captures the attention of children, and keeps adults engaged as well.  When I finished reading Book One, my first thought was, I want more.  I promise you will too.  So, whip up a Sunrise Surprise with your little one and enjoy Connections in the Open Field.


Stephanie Hunt~ Loretta P. Spivey, Author, 
Straight Talk – How Teens Make Wise Decisions about Love and Sex, 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania